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HELP & FAQ for Video Game Stores

Using this site:

What is is a searchable database of online video game stores, focusing on sellers of classic and rare video game systems. The purpose of the site is to make it easier to find games for whatever video game console you're searching for.

Why didn't my order ship? / My order is not correct / etc.
Please remember: is NOT a store. It is merely a database of links to other stores. Please send all of your questions regarding your orders, store policies, etc to the appropriate stores and NOT to There are contact links for every store in the database: check a store's info page on VGStores for contact info, or visit the store's own site.

Why can't I search by the name of the game I'm looking for?
That would require a gigantic database, and a large amount of time to update daily. This won't be a feature that will be added anytime soon. :) Search on the system the game is for, then browse the stores.

Is this free? Do I have to register?
This site is 100% free. You don't have to register, even if you want to write a review, you don't have to register! See our disclaimer & privacy policy for the full boring details.

Why isn't my favorite store, <whatever>, listed?
Probably because I don't know about it. Use the Contact page to send me the URL of a store you'd like to add.

Store Reviews:

How do I add my own review for a store?
First browse on the site to the store that you want to review. Look for a link near the top of the page that says "Write a review". (There's also a link at the bottom of the page.) Click on that link and enter your review. Note that each review is personally checked by VGStores staff before it is posted online.

Why isn't my review posted yet?
Chances are because it hasn't been reviewed yet. At the current time I am a "team of one" (ie it's only one person running this site) and since I have many other obligations outside of (and more important than) this site it will usually take a few days before your review gets added. If I don't add a review, I will send you an email (assuming of course you enter your real email address on the form like you're supposed to!) telling you why the review was not added. Please do not email me asking when your review will be added! Thank you for your patience on this issue!

Why was my review edited?
In general I will not edit user reviews at all, for obvious reasons! However if there is a blatant misspelling or other obvious mistake/error in a review I may correct it. If you think I have unfairly edited your review please contact me about it.

I disagree with a review someone else posted!
There are two possibilities here. The first is that your experience with the store differs from the person posting the review. (Yours may be better or worse.) That's really too bad, everyone has the right to post their opinions of the stores. The second is that a review contains an error, ie that a part of the review that is presented as a fact is untrue. If that is the case, please contact me about it, and be sure to mention the store and title of the review.

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