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Reviews and Information about Buy-Rite Video Games

Buy-Rite Video Games screenshotBuy-Rite Video Games   Rated 1h stars based on 74 reviews   Write a Review

Address: 3132 Calvary Drive Suite #107, Raleigh, NC, 27604, USA   Shipping: International
Phone: 919-872-2440   Contact: Contact page
Description: Warning: Buy-Rite Games are known scammers. Recently their website disappeared & apparently have been shut down by the BBB!
Sell Games/Systems For: 32X, 3DO, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Dreamcast, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, GameGear, Genesis, Intellivision, Jaguar, Lynx, NeoGeo, NeoGeo CD, NeoGeo Pocket, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Saturn, Sega Master System, SegaCD, Super Nintendo, Turbo Grafx 16, Turbo Grafx CD/DUO, Xbox


User Reviews
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1 star   look out they are back
    Reviewer: acandx on Monday August 1 2005
ive been told that buy rite is back under a new name. been told 4 or 5 diff, names look out for any game stores from cary n.c

    Reviewer: afo783 on Friday January 30 2004
Check their BBB record and you'll see how many people have had problems. Personally, I've been waiting for a refund check for about 7 months now, after having been told I would be credited for items that they never even had in stock (although they assured me they had it when I ordered), and every time I call they tell me it's on its way. Buy from anyone else, but above all don't take your chances with this company.

1 star   Never got the product but was charged for it.
    Reviewer: AMS on Saturday January 17 2004
My son wanted an import game for Xmas and a local game store recomended this site. I purchased the game on Dec 13 and on Dec 22 I called to ask what was going on with my order. I never received any confirmation on my order. It was difficult getting a person on the phone from the company. They told me it had been shipped and they would send me all the info in a e-mail. I never received any e-mail or other information. I e-mailed them 3 times to inqire again and also called two more times. The response was always the same word for word, "It has been shipped and I 'll look into it." It is now Jan 16 and I have not recevied my order nor heard from them. I filed a complaint with the BBB and discovered all the complaints against them on thier website.

1 star   Class Action Lawsuit
    Reviewer: angry customer #1000000 on Wednesday October 13 2004
Buy Rite has commited a crime against the consumer. I am going to file a class action lawsuit. Email me at [email protected] and I will start to collect all information from consumers who have been frauded by Buy Rite Games.

I am another one who was fooled by this site. I ordered my items and paid for expedited shipping as I needed them immediately for my business. I was unable to get a hold of costumer service and when I finally did they said their system was down. My guess is even if it was down they would tell me my item is shipped or out of stock. With all the complaints together and all of us banded together we can take Buy Rite Games down.


    Reviewer: Another Pissed-off Customer on Monday May 2 2005
No e-mails, no working phone numbers, and no products.
I think these guys are out of business by now.
So don't expect to get anything from them anytime soon!

2 stars   What the HECK
    Reviewer: Big Convoy on Friday July 23 2004
When I decided to go get a 5 in 1 converter for my Segs Saturn to play imports on I thought I hit the jack pot with Buy Rite video games it was a nice looking site and it had exactly what I needed so I put my order down, I even chose the 1 to 2 day delivery,well here's were the problem's are starting to happen the order I placed was last wed now its friday I've called them twice and all they tell me is that its coming its coming this is the worst service I've ever seen by anybody,the only reason I did'nt give it a terrible score is because I'm still optimistic that my stuff will show but now I'm slowly having doubts whether I get it or not this was a learning experience for me I'm never ordering there again Its a waste and I'm surprised there still in operation.AVOID AT ALL COST

1 star   2 Customers Wronged.
    Reviewer: BJ Wallace on Thursday January 1 2004
I ordered several Sega Saturn games from this site, equaling around 70 dollars, I waited about a month before I started emailing them and calling them with NO replies from my emails, and only machines and even disconnected numbers with the phone calls. about a week later I recieved someone elses package... when I opened it..inside was about 200 dollars worth of gaming stuff. I emailed them SEVERAL more times. about 2 weeks later (now more than 2 months) I receive some of my games, in little plastic baggys with there HUGE stickers on the discs that I can't remove without leaving a "VOID" mark behind.

I'v read the owner carries a gun around with him as he gets SO many complaints and threats....

1 star   Hands down, the WORST online gaming retailers ever.
    Reviewer: break.master on Tuesday March 8 2005
I used "Buy It Now" on one of their ebay sales, a Border Down for the Dreamcast... mostly because of the low price, and the Paypal buyer protection. I paid immediately upon ending the auction.
I recieved a confirmation email from buyrite, but saw nothing for two weeks. When I emailed them regarding my purchase, I got no response. I waited about 30 days, and when I finally got sick of the horrible customer service, I filed a Paypal chargeback. I filed the chargeback on the last possible day before one month expired.
Finally, after 5 weeks of waiting, I got my Border Down game. It was shipped loose, with no bubble wrap or packing materials inside a medium size box.

1 star   Im off to NC
    Reviewer: Brent on Monday July 26 2004
Yes, since I have been made to wait so long with out my package, and due to a mass amount of phone conversations only giving me false information me and four of my friends have decided to take a little road trip on up to north carolina. were going to find this company and we plan on beating the ever living hell out of this guy, some say they heard he carries a gun, ha hes in for a big surprise.

1 star   What more can I say.
    Reviewer: chi2atl2 on Friday January 7 2005
I wish I would have read the reviews for this sight. I place an order of 2 ps2 to xbox controller adapter, a gold ps2 controller, and a switch with express shipping. After not recieving an email I tried to call the company at least a hundred times, each time the line was busy. 3 weeks later I finally got through to only be told that they\'re still need to look in the warehouse for availability(3 weeks). I have yet to be charged anything, but I\'m hold out for my order.

1 star   The honest truth is that Buy-Rite is a dubious dealer.
    Reviewer: Chocolate Sparrow on Saturday August 21 2004
I ordered a brand new Vampire Night for the PS2 which was supposed to come with a black guncon2 but I recieved a used copy with an orange guncon2. I was told that I would have to send back the orange guncon2 for exchange or I would have get something else for to make up the difference in cost. They refused to give me a refund. I ultimately chose to recieve another item to make up the $40 difference in my original $100 order becuase I didn't want to chance the hassle of them claiming not to have received my returned item. I would advise anyone to steer clear of Buy-Rite. But-Rite is a dubious dealer at best and at worst a bunch of crooks.

1 star   The Horrible Service
    Reviewer: Da Wiz on Thursday January 29 2004
I recently ordered around 200 dollars worth of games from buyrite but have yet to hear anything from them the kept sayin that they would ship right out but never did. It's been almost a montha and a half but still nothing. I', from the Bahamas so for any international buyer please avoid the horrible place at all costs they have the worst business i've expirenced ever!!!!!!!!

1 star   BAD
    Reviewer: dan on Friday July 16 2004
I could not beleve that they had a 3DO system and the games! But they only gave me 1 of the 12 games 1 of the 8 games I ordered. I got charged for it all. I also did not get the system.

3 stars   Rip Off
    Reviewer: Danika on Wednesday May 4 2005
The only things that are bad about Buy Rite is they usually give you games without cases or booklets and when you trade in stuff, they dont give you a lot of money. I gave them my Playstation and about 10 games and only got 20 dollars...

    Reviewer: djyourway on Tuesday November 9 2004
they never sent my items. customer service phone number is horrible, always busy. they charged my credit card immmediately. it's been 21/2 months. still nothing. i've read their ratings at customer reviews, horrible. many ripped off people. very bad business. never buy from this company. i wish i found out about rating before all this i would never have ordered from them!

1 star   Bad
    Reviewer: Dopefish on Friday August 29 2003
When I first saw Buy-Rite's web site I thought I had found the motherload. They listed many rare, out-of-print games for almost every system. I was sure that this would be the place I would buy all my games from in the future.

The problem came when I placed an order, I ordered about 10 games. The problem was that only 2 of the games arrived, they didn't bill me for the others but they never told me that the games were out of stock or anything. Of the 2 games that did arrive neither one of them had cases and the manuals both had the front and back torn off, as a video game collector this annoys me even more.

If you want to order from there, don't expect to get all of your games and expect the ones you do get to be in bad condition. I recomend you avoid it.

1 star   Bad Service, Bad Products, Bad Company
    Reviewer: Erick on Saturday October 9 2004
Buy Rite is the worst online retailer I have ever dealt with. I ordered a couple of (new) items. I was very particular about ordering the more expensive, officially licensed products. My order confirmation also stated that I would be getting an OFFICIAL [brand] product. I had to call and e-mail several times before my item was even shipped months later. When I got it, I did not get what was ordered and what was pictured on the site. I received third-party garbage from a company that even had a "@yahoo" email address. I immediately returned it and demanded the product that I actually ordered. They said they would replace it with the item I requested. After 8 calls and 11 e-mails always telling me that it was shipping, they quietly refunded my money. NEVER BUY FROM BUY RITE.

    Reviewer: Erik on Wednesday July 14 2004
All the horrific reviews you read are true. Saying they are a bad company is the understatement of the century. I ordered over $100 worth of merchandise and they billed my credit card in 2 days. Three months later I never heard a thing from them so I called. I was told that 2 items I ordered were out of stock and the other two would be there any day (yeah right). Almost a month later, I got two items and neither of them worked. I called the number they gave for defective product and it doesn't give an option to talk to anyone or an option that has anything to do with defective product. I then decided it was worth losing money to never have to deal with them again.

1 star   file a complaint
    Reviewer: fanderfazer on Monday September 6 2004
It seems that there are alot of complaints about buy rite. if you feel that you have been misled, you can file a class action lawsuit or, at the very least, a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Justice (see

1 star   Same comment as everybody else, it seems!
    Reviewer: FM on Tuesday March 22 2005
You first think you've found the miracle shop when you visit it for the first time (and fill an order, of course, since there are so many interesting old games listed) and then you realize that you haven't, when you receive an e-mail telling you none of the 30 games ordered is available. Pure waste of time...

2 stars   Used to shop in their physical store a loooong time ago
    Reviewer: Funkball on Thursday June 23 2005
When I lived in Raleigh, NC I would shop there occasionally. There were few problems, however, things always felt a little 'shady', if you know what I'm saying. Guess it's a good thing I always paid with cash in the store for a product that I could physically feel and touch.

After reading everyone's reviews, I wouldn't touch this website (if it still exists).

1 star   Do not order from BuyRite
    Reviewer: GameCollector on Friday September 5 2003
When I found Buy Rite Video Games website I thought it was awesome. I was ready to order tons of old stuff from them. My 1st order I placed was for about 8 games. I waited, and waited, and waited. Never any shipment. I called them numerous times & was always told that the order was going to ship right out. But then i would wait a couple more weeks, nothing! They had already billed my credit card, so after two months of waiting, I finally had to call my card company and dispute the charges. They messed up big time. I was ready to order tons from them in the future if they would have been good to deal with. Avoid at all costs...they are not honest with their customers!

1 star   RIPPED OFF TOTALLY!!!!!
    Reviewer: greendirl on Wednesday December 8 2004

1 star   Really bad
    Reviewer: GunGrave on Friday April 21 2006
I order,special offer Neogeo system with metal slug 3 $500
only received neogeo system !
I order spriggan 2 nec never received !

1 star   Orders never processed?
    Reviewer: HumanJHawkins on Sunday April 24 2005
I ordered Vitrua Fighter:Evolution on Feb. 5th 2005... After never recieving the product (luckly also never got billed at least), about March 20th I wrote to them asking what was up.

The reply was not very friendly, and basically said if it's ever in stock again they will bill me and ship it. They added that I couldn't cancel my order by replying or even writing in seperately. However, they don't answer their phones either. How ridiculous.

As a formality, I did reply to that e-mail canceling my order... If it ever arrives, I will dispute the charge and certainly end up not having to pay for it. I encourage others who have been jerked around like this to do the same.

1 star   BAD SITE
    Reviewer: Husam Shaker on Monday November 6 2006
I like classic video games, and this site offered eveything i want so i ordered some games for 3do and sega cd, and i was waiting for a confirmation email but i didn't receive any thing.
after a week i called from overseas asking about the status of my order, and i informed them that i didn't recive any email. they told me : this means that the items you ordered are not available!!! and before ordering you should call to check about the availablity of the items you gonna order!!!!

I was really shoked as it's not my first time to order from online stores and i do know how other sites treat customers.

The only good thing that they didn't charge my credit card.

1 star   buy rite should be buy wrong
    Reviewer: ihatebuyrite on Thursday July 28 2005
I wanted to give it no stars but that was not an option. This company ripped me off like everyone else. I was ever referred to the company on Froogle(google's comparison link) so I thought everything would go smoothly. This is the worst company ever. It has been almost 9 months and I am still trying to get something from these people. But wait you can't because their numbers have been disconnected for months. I probably called this place like 100 times and was told something different averytime. Even got hung up on a few times and called liar for repeating the "it's on it's way" because supposedly they never told me that. I have closed the card I put it on so I will probably never get my money back but the can't have anymore either. BUYER BEWARE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY

1 star   Why don't I ever learn
    Reviewer: j33pers on Thursday November 18 2004
I wish I read the reviews, but usually when I want something my keyboard finger moves faster than my brain. Ordered DDR Club version for Dreamcast from BuyRiteGames and never received any confirmation email. So far no credit card charges either. I am watching the account with great interest. Got burned with a terrible ISP two years ago from not reading reviews ( - maybe this time I will learn!

I sent an email telling them to cancel the order so we'll see how it goes. Tried phoning but only got busy signals at all times of the day. Based on these reviews, I'm not sure that I would answer the phones either.

If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.

1 star   You will regret buying at BUY-RITE
    Reviewer: James on Monday May 3 2004
This company accomadates itself to buyers like me. We anticipate a proffessional company, so we buy from them not fearing the worst. However, they take your money and charge you for something they don't have and in their website they say it is a mistake. Hmmm its weird...they like to take money and give you little or nothing. Something is very wrong! Complain to them and the Better Buisness Bureau. AVOID AT ANY COST--DON'T BUY HERE!

3 stars   O_O Shocked actually
    Reviewer: Jamiesama on Tuesday May 31 2005
I was actually fine with it. Two or three years ago when I found the site from some friends the site was reliable and secure. I got my games at good prices The always sent me emails about if their products weren't in stalk and much more. I actually just recently decided to find them again for a friend and I found out all this about the site. I wonder what happened because before when I was using them they were fine. Maybe somone bought out the company and began fraud. I dunno so basically im indifferent.

1 star   the buyrite truth
    Reviewer: Jerry on Monday July 18 2005
buyrite video games is a scam. The truth is that the company is closed, the bbb complaints are valid, and they tried to change. Yes they actually tried to change. The new company name is Best Price Entertainment. They are trying to scam again under a different name. Under several websites they have listed that these two companies are the same. As well as selling games on auction sites. I can't imagine how many people like myself have been scammed. No refunds allowed only charges to the company are allowed. I will never see my money and I have will never hear a result of the where abouts of the owner or anything else. I do know that a 278.00 refund is not in my future.

1 star   Classic games
    Reviewer: Juan on Saturday February 7 2004
I own a Neo Geo AES and was amazed with this site at first. I really wish I had researched them prior to purchasing a few items from them. Shipping is extremely SLOW and customer service is beyond awful! They will tell you your order will be shipped ASAP but it will never happen. Dont bother calling them either they will tell you the same thing and waiting on hold will take an eternity. Whats even worse were the cables they sent me. REALLY low grade stuff you could purchase at a local department store for more than half what BUY RITE charges! Heed my warning fellow gamers buying from buy rite just aint right!!!

3 stars   am i the only one?
    Reviewer: keith on Friday September 23 2005
i read all the reviews on buy rite,but i've ordered many times from them,and always got my items at a fair amount of time and never got a bunch a bull so i dont know what's going on now.i havent bought anything from them in 2 yrs i found a cheaper place.

1 star   DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Ken on Wednesday January 12 2005
If you are thinking of ordering anything from this company, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had nothing but trouble contacting this company, and when I finally got ahold of them I got the run-around. It took a month to be told my item had been shipped. I was told I could get a tracking number the next day. I got the tracking number the next day, but get this, the woman who gave the number to me said "Don't be surprised if your purchase doesn't show up"!!!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! I am going to have my credit card company take care of these con artists!!!!!!!

1 star   Ripped-Off
    Reviewer: Keri on Monday March 7 2005
Ordered on 11/29/04. They said it was in-stock. Got it 2/10/05!
Package was smashed/damaged, I called to return it...phones are out of service! All of them! Now they won't return my email!
Do not order from them!!!

1 star   Worst Video Game Store I've Seen Yet
    Reviewer: Kristofer on Sunday September 14 2003
I was searching on the web for a place to buy a Sega Saturn and Sega Master System to complete my collection. I found BuyRite. After going through the pages upon pages of items for sale, I figured I had found the best place ever. They had items from the Sega Master System to the Sega Dreamcast. Exactly what I had needed for my collection. I purchased my stuff, and waited. And waited. And, about 4 months later, I got a phone call. They didn't have my stuff, although website said they did, and they weren't going to get it back in stock. They hadn't called until my Dad threatend with the Attorney Generals office. When they called, I wasn't home, they were supposed to call back, and as of yet have not.

1 star   Morons
    Reviewer: ladams00 on Thursday March 30 2006
Ordered a used copy of FFVII for PSX, received game 2 months later with CD2 CD3 and two copies of CD4. Sent game back, received refund 2 months later in form of a wrinkled check. Fuck Them!

1 star   Don't order online...go to the store if possible
    Reviewer: Live not far from Buy-Rite on Tuesday July 25 2006
I live in NC and have bought from the store itself numerous times without any problems, but I ordered online last year and waited 2 months for one game that was too late to be my son's b-day present by the time it came. They must have went down hill, they were top notch at one time, but seems no one likes them now. They are located in Raleigh off of Capital Blvd. inside the Raleigh Flea Market Mall. At least they were still there the last I heard. ORDER ELSEWHERE!

1 star   Don't waste your money here
    Reviewer: Lone_Strider on Tuesday February 24 2004
I ordered a fairly common JPN import game in July of 2003, and even though they charged my credit card with exceptional speed, I never recieved my order, despite repeated e-mails, inquiries, and phone calls. You're better off giving your money to a starving hobo & asking him to use his ultra hobo skills to find the game you want.

1 star   They are Total BULL****
    Reviewer: Lord Vader on Wednesday March 15 2006
2 years ago when Soul CaliburII was being released in japan they had posted that they would have the game in stock on a certain day i paid for 2nd day shipping. three months later i had not recieved the game finally they sent the PS2 version when I order the Xbox version. They took another month to process the order and send me the right one. they refused to refund me on the shipping even though they screwed up the order.They are nothing but a bunch of theives and criminals!!!

1 star   Little Kids ripped OFF by BUY WRONG
    Reviewer: Madmax035 on Tuesday November 2 2004
ordered five games, prepaid 210 dollars, its been two months and only received two games. Their phone is out of order and no one returns emails. Been patient long enough. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! you will lose ur money.

4 stars   I didnt notice
    Reviewer: MarioIsReal! on Thursday June 29 2006
I went to buyrite multiple times, i never went to the site. I found their selection good, and the games all had a 30-day warranty. I lived there until early 2005. I dont know what has happened to you, but i had no problems. i bought Mario Paint,Kung Fu and a few others (punchout, ect.) Surprisingly, they all worked fine and still do. Oh well. If they were that bad, they had to go.................

1 star   Crap
    Reviewer: Massive on Tuesday June 8 2004
This place is crap. Someone needs to kick the guys azz who owns this place.They never send their stuff out. I had been waiting forever and just gave up.

1 star   Looking back, three years later...what a horrible store
    Reviewer: Matt on Monday October 9 2006
Buyrite Games ran a very deceptive business. For example, none of the games were guaranteed to have the manual or case, so there was no way of knowing exactly what you were buying. All the Saturn games I bought were void of cases, and only a scant few had manuals. Their prices were disgustingly high. I paid about $30 for Panzer Dragoon Zwei, a good price for a COMPLETE game, but I only received the disc which is worth far less.

Quality control was terrible, as some of the games were scratched so awful to the point where not even CD resurfacing could get them to work.

As for shipping, it took too long for my games to arrive, and when an everything was packaged poorly.

Certainly the worst of the worst in the video game retailing industry.

    Reviewer: megaton on Friday April 22 2005

1 star   Extremely Awful service and Reputation-Buy Rite
    Reviewer: Michael Hernandez on Friday October 10 2003
I was very amazed that this website had all the Turbo Grafx games and systems one could want. I was appalled by the service. I ordered 8 games and the Turbo Express. I got the system in poor condition as in nothing original. Only one game arrived with no case or instructions. I sent back the material. I contacted my credit card company. I complained and a couple of months later I received my money. Months after I got a letter saying that BUY RITE has still charged me because I did not send it according to their rules. I was left with nothing and still got charged. On top of that BUY RITE still charged me shipping and handling. When one tried before to contact them no one would answer. DO NOT BUY FROM BUY RITE OR ELSE YOU WILL BE BURNED!

1 star   Lousy customer service and TERRIBLE shipping!
    Reviewer: Mike on Wednesday July 21 2004
Ordered a game July 2, 2004, bank account charged on July 6, 2004. Called their LOUSY and RUDE customer service numerous times asking for a refund since its been taking too long to get the game. I was given lame excuses that it has been shipped on 7/16 but cant give me a tracking number because their system is down. Now on 7/21/04 I get an email that my order has just been shipped!! Called them back again to check whats going on...of course the lousy rep Jennifer can not explain and was very rude! NEVER BUY FROM BUYRITE! JUST DO A SEARCH IN GOOGLE FOR "buyrite complaint" and see how many people are having the same issues with them! This company should be shutdown, very bad service!

1 star   dot waste your time
    Reviewer: mirkvid on Thursday March 4 2004
these guys have the worst service ive ever dealt with. they wait weeks before processing orders, and even loger before shipping.

1 star   Very Unreliable Online Store!
    Reviewer: Mysterio Spyder on Friday February 13 2004
I have placed 3 orders to Buy-Rite, the first order was 2 Sega Saturn games- Dragon Ball Z and Destruction Derby. Never recieved an email confirmation or anything. I waited almost a month before I called them. C'mon, for an online store, you'd think they'd know what they have in stock before they advertise, or would at least email or try someway to contact you to tell you the item is out of stock. 2 more orders, no email confirming the orders were placed, and, well, it's been 2 months, and BOTH orders have not been charged to my credit card. Go to Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 star   2 months, still waiting....
    Reviewer: Nate on Saturday October 9 2004
I ordered PSO episodes 1&2 from them on August 8. It's October 9. No game. Emailed them at leat 5 times. Technically, I did recieve two responses, but they both said the same thing: You will recieve your tracking number when the order is shipped. I sure wasnt expecting it to take 2 months!!! And, it hasn't come yet, so even longer. Called about 4 times, finally made my way through their maze of a automatic phone system, and all the guy was able to say was Uh, well it says here that your order is in shipping. I don't know whether they used UPS or regular mail. Or I think they use something called USPS? And there's no tracking number either. Im ready to give up. Dont buy from BuyRite. Oh, and their email newsletter is fake.

1 star   worst website i've visited
    Reviewer: nate dogg on Saturday November 29 2003
I wish i would have researched some more before i ordered anything from buyrite. This is the worst customer service i have ever come across dealing with online purchasing. I ordered some items from them and never received them. I didn't even get a email from them confirming my order. When I tried to contact them all I got was automated messages. I would not advise anybody to make anykind of purchases from this company.

1 star   A$$HOLES
    Reviewer: NC919 on Friday August 12 2005

1 star   Worst Site Ever
    Reviewer: NEOshawnGEO on Wednesday February 11 2004
This has got to be the worst site ever! I ordered a DBZ super famicom game from them and i get a psx converter. I checked inside the box and there was a receipt for my purchase and the paper work was all correct except the order itself. I'd recommend going to not be the best designed but has the best service/ look at buyrites site and you'll see a detailed site probably the best layout i've seen but their business sucks) Go to and you'll find more info there. Buyrite is on ebay so beware their ebay id name is gamebuyers so watch out.

2 stars   mixed
    Reviewer: Orochi on Wednesday January 28 2004
i have ordered from this place twice, the first time is was for fatal fury real bout collection for saturn with the convertor and it took over a month and thats with hassling them and with the game the case was cracked and used. The second time was for a king of fighters gba which surpisingly showed up in 1 week because of the extra money. so i can only stay nuetral but seeing everyone else's complaints makes me wonder who else could i get my import games from.

1 star   Hidden Fees
    Reviewer: Pat on Thursday January 19 2006
I used to buy their products for my shop in California via fax/phone from their wholesale dept. Without my consent, they have charged hidden fees to my credit card. I've also sent complaint to BBB, and BUY RITE did not resolved this issue. I would never do business with them again.

1 star   a fraudulent company
    Reviewer: peachy on Tuesday October 5 2004
My story is basically the same as everybody else's out there - they advertised games that were out of stock, then went ahead to charge me for other games that I ordered including outrageous shipping that included the games that weren't being shipped. They NEVER communicated with me by email, lie to me when I speak to them on the phone. I lodged a complaint with my credit card company today, so hopefully I will get my $75 back!

The question I have is: what can be done to shut down a store like this? What they are doing is fraudulent and illegal. How is it that they are still out there? What can I do to try to get them to stop doing this to people?

1 star   Avoid Buy-Rite Video Games, you will be defrauded
    Reviewer: penguinista on Thursday September 16 2004
DO NOT ORDER FROM BUY RITE!! Use Google and you'll find hundreds of people that they’ve cheated! On August 18 I ordered two NEW games from Buy-Rite totaling 23.00. I never received an email confirmation but a charge for $42.00 posted to my credit card immediately. I hadn't requested express shipping, so there was no explanation for the price. I tried emailing them four times for an answer and got no response. I called four times but the person that handles orders was always out, or had gone home for the day (10 am). After several phone calls and 17 emails, I finally received a package from them a five weeks later containing one USED Halo case, with no disc!

Once again, Buy Rite hasn’t responded to my attempts to contact them. Avoid this site like the plague!

4 stars   Without a hitch.
    Reviewer: qoa on Wednesday January 12 2005
I ordered Burning Rangers, Rabbit, Shining Force 3, and a Japanese Saturn. All shipped in perfect condition within 3 days. My next order was speedy as well.

1 star   Do NOT buy from them!
    Reviewer: Randy Moore on Saturday January 31 2004
These guys are terrible! They will charge your credit card and not ship your merchendice. I have complained via email several times with no feedback! I am very disappointed with their service. Do not be fooled by their good looking web site, it is completely phony! There has been 100's of people like me that have basicly had their money stolen by Buy Rite, and you don't need to be one of them too.

3 stars   I got my stuff
    Reviewer: Sako on Tuesday May 16 2006
It took a few months but i did manage to get my stuff. I agree with the other reviewer...something must've happened cuz I got my super famicom and sailor moon game here. They even refunded me some money because it took too long. And then I just saw this today and freaked out O.o!!!! This is as strange as the bonsai kitten thing. What could have happened is someone took the websites information and fowarded the stuff to them instead so all the money was sent to them instead of buyrite games.....or they could just be a hoax. Hack or's strange nonetheless.

1 star   Boy am I glad I saw this review website!!!
    Reviewer: Shaun on Monday April 25 2005
Thank God I saw this site before it was too late. My credit card had not been charged yet and I told my credit card Co. about this web site and they shut down my account immeadiately before buyrite could charge it, and gave me a new number. I strongly suggest anyone else in the same position to do the same. This throws the legality into buyrites lap and by the looks of the legal activity against this company, I don't think they'll even bark. Don't let them charge you and send you nothing!!!

1 star   inside information
    Reviewer: slick on Friday January 6 2006
i used to work there for a while and i know exactly what your talking about. if anyone still needs help for legal backing let me know. my buddy worked there too and still lives in nc so email me for anything.

1 star   Rip Off
    Reviewer: SMANCE8 on Thursday June 16 2005
Well I guess I'm one of the ones who got screwed big I'm waiting over a year now to reicive my product and nothing yet if any one has any lead on what the hell is happening please let me know or what to do

1 star   How bad is bad
    Reviewer: stevepd on Sunday December 12 2004
I think Buy Rite Video Is A very impossible Co. to deal with. They Shorted me on an order I paid for. If you have trouble with an order they want you to call them but all you get is a busy signal. If you do get through they refer you back to the web site. once they ship your order they will not respond. I am now in the process of sending a complaint form to N.C. Attny' Gen. office

3 stars   Underinformed company
    Reviewer: ThunderFist on Monday February 20 2006
I did business with Buy-Rite 3 times in 1997 to 1998, and I only had a problem the last time I dealt with them. I ordered the Sailor Moon SuperS fighting game along with the Sailor Moon R fighting game for Super Famicom, and got the SuperS block puzzle game instead of the SuperS fighter. When I called them about it, the clerk said, "You got what you asked for. A Sailor Moon SuperS fighting doesn't exist for Super Famicom." They let me exchange the game, and I got Chrono Trigger out of the deal, but when I found out that a SuperS fighter does exist for Super Famicom, I decided to stop doing business with Buy-Rite due to their not being informed about their product at all times.

1 star   How the mighty have fallen!!
    Reviewer: TigerKing on Thursday August 25 2005
Wow! I came across this website when I was doing a search for Buyrite. I haven't ordered from them in about six years, but I couldn't believe the stuff I was reading here. This company had to have been sold off to some fraudulent jerk because they had always treated me great. Credit cards were charged appropriately, items shipped on time, packages arrived undamaged. I was thinking of getting back into import gaming, but it appears I will have to look elsewhere. What a crying shame!! Good luck to any and all who were ripped off...I hope you can gain some sort of compensation. I can definitely say that Buyrite was at one time a top-notch company. Too bad it didn't stay that way!

1 star   Buy Rite,No More like Buy Wrong!!!!
    Reviewer: willsg1977 on Sunday August 7 2005
this site sucks Big time!!! i ordered 2 import dragoncast dreamcast controllers,and a bunch of import games,and after 18 call(when it wasnt busy),they told me the merchandise was on back order,BULL Crap,luckily my Brother is an Attorney,and got my money back.they are no longer called BUY RITE,they changed their name,beware of any video game store from North Carolina.

1 star   They are the worst business ever!!!
    Reviewer: Wilma on Friday April 1 2005
I should of read what the reviews said first but like every body else has said they seemed to be a good comapany a lot of games at their disposial, I would not tell any body about this site it has been three weeks and I have e-mailed them profusley and they sent me the same thing back it's almost like they have a computer to type every thing back to you, I looked into the BBB and they have over four hundread reports on them. So I will not recommend them to any body that I know.

1 star   Shipping overcharges!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Xboxbatman on Wednesday April 28 2004
I ordered Overnight shipping and I got the package 30 days later.I called around the 24th day and asked where my item was. I decided to cancel. The rep said it was too late for cancellation because it had already been shipped.. They got my overnight shipping charge than shipped it to me 5 days after my phone conversation!!! Using economy ground!! Plus the game was opened!!! STAY AWAY the website Looks great..But so does Cheese in a mousetrap....


1 star   This place sux
    Reviewer: Yo Momma on Monday January 3 2005
I have been waiting 5 years for a n64 and it hasnt came

1 star   rip off artists
    Reviewer: yumanbeing on Monday May 2 2005
bought only one game for my son -
arrived two months late, not in working order
sent back, told replacement would be sent -
Never was, and no help from company even for simple requests
If they are not out of business at this time, they should be.

3 stars   Not bad
    Reviewer: ^_^WOLF on Friday July 2 2004
well, this is the honest truth, i don't think buy-rite is THAT bad. I ordered a neogeocd w/ 4 games, under express shipping. The billed my credit card the next day (which really pissed me off) and i took nearly 3 weeks to get to my house. But when it came, everything was in order, and the games were mint condition. I am very dissatisfied with there method of shipping, but at least i got my items.

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