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Reviews and Information about Game Addiction

Game Addiction screenshotGame Addiction   Rated 5 stars based on 18 reviews   Write a Review

Address: 6171 Stoney Creek Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, USA   Shipping: International
Phone: Not provided   Contact: [email protected]
Description: Many different systems available. Ships mostly to the US, but will ship internationally upon request. Items without prices listed are not available. Payment via Paypal, money order or credit card.
Sell Games/Systems For: 32X, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, GameGear, Genesis, Jaguar, NeoGeo, NeoGeo CD, NeoGeo Pocket, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Playstation 2, Saturn, SegaCD, Sony PSP, Super Nintendo, Turbo Grafx 16, Turbo Grafx CD/DUO, Xbox, Xbox 360


User Reviews
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5 stars   THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!
    Reviewer: Another Satisfied Customer on Thursday May 26 2005
Fast, safe, and totally reliable!
This dealer is very honest and friendly!
FAST delivery times and at great prices!
I wouldn't buy my Neo Geo CD games from anywhere else other than Game Addiction!

Shop with confidence!

5 stars   The Best thats out there.
    Reviewer: aphexacid on Sunday June 27 2004
I am a collector as well as a gamer and this store is the best one the net. theyve got great games SUPERB prices and EXCELLENT customer service. why? because the owner is a gamer first and foremost. he loves games and he knows you do. and he will treat you like he wants to be treated. his inventory is ever expanding, so if he doesnt have what your looking for that very moment, check back soon. you wont be sorry!! he ships ULTRA FAST and his packages are ready for nuclear warfare! and his games are in PRISTINE condition!


5 stars   Great store
    Reviewer: Carlos on Monday April 3 2006
This store is great! Found everything I wanted at a great price and the shipping was excellent. The customer service is top notch and is difficult to find in any other site. I have ordered from this store multiple times and don't plan on stopping.

5 stars   game addiction is the place to be!
    Reviewer: cheesehead on Wednesday April 13 2005
Well i was just roaming around the net as usuall and wound up stumbling over this burried jewl.. i have done no roaming sense i found game addiction.. tired of nonsense bable? tired of highly priced games? well fear no more kids bluevoodu is here!

5 stars   The Best Service, Shipping, and Selection
    Reviewer: Dr_Ackula on Monday June 28 2004
When it comes to trust, and internet retailers one often has no clue who/where to buy from. Well fear not dear gamers Game Addiction is the place to go! There is no doubt that they are the best when it comes to customer service, selection, and shipping. Game Addiction has the largest amount of Neo-Geo CD games anywhere on the web, and the best prices to boot!And not only NeoGeo but a wide range of other gaming products are available as well. Any questions you may have are always answered super fast and very politely via email. And the shipping! Dear God do they come fast, and packaged to withstand a drop from a 50 story building!

So remember this much, when you order from Game Addiction you can rest easy at night and be sure your transaction will go smoothly and efficiently!

5 stars   Awesome
    Reviewer: FM on Friday May 20 2005
I've never seen such a well-made package: it's simply impossible that your game arrives damaged to you. The prices are more than fair and the contact is great (quick and friendly answers...). You get an ACCURATE description of the state of the games sold, i.e. when it says that the game is in "Excellent condition", it really IS in excellent condition (i.e. not a scratch on the CD for a CD game). I will buy again to that most excellent shop!!

5 stars   Buy-Rite who?
    Reviewer: GothicSamurai on Saturday February 28 2004
They offer quality games and quality service. I am never too sure who to trust online, at least "eBay" has a type of feedback system but most other sites have very little to show for. This is one of those quiet websites. Most trustworthy and on top of their game. Just not well known like others. The best feature about them is the customer service. Any time I have E-Mailed them I have received a response almost right away. The shipping was great. They don't send your package "UPS" ground for $8.00 for one game that is not well packed like another major company (you know who I'm talking about). I was happy with my order and hope to do business with them again. So spread the word if you like what they do.

5 stars   Best online game retailer period!
    Reviewer: Guitarwizard on Thursday April 13 2006
Excellent customer service,selection,shipping,and prices.No other online video game store can compare with Game Addiction.Order with complete confidence!

5 stars   Awesome Service
    Reviewer: jp on Sunday October 23 2005
I started buying from these guys a few months ago and have to say they are one of my favorite retailers and I buy all my Neo Geo CD software from them. The prices are reasonable, the customer service is exceptional and everything ships on time. Though they seem to specialize in Neo CD gear, you'll be able to find a rare game here and there for other systems. Highly recommended!

5 stars   Best seller I have dealt with...
    Reviewer: Lesley (Winter) on Saturday July 3 2004
This is truly the best online seller I have dealt with. He keeps in constant communication with you and ships out promptly. I usually receive my items within 2-3 days. If you choose money order or check, he is the only seller online that I know of that will hold your items immediately. You also can order through his cart system for money orders and checks.

All of his items are in top notch condition. He has games that are over 7 years old in sealed/new condition. His used games are in top notch condition as well. All of the games I have received have been in near mint condition, like new condition, or new condition and all items on his website are listed by condition with pictures.

I will continue to do business with this seller for a long, long time.

5 stars   Best Place around!!!!!
    Reviewer: Maiden Fan on Saturday December 17 2005
Great prices, Excelent customer Service, Veary reliable.If your looking for great cheap games you must look here.

5 stars   Go BV!
    Reviewer: mastermario on Thursday May 12 2005
This store can get you virtually anything upon request. The shipping is quick, and the prices are nice. Also gives fair prices for you when selling items to them. Keep it up!

5 stars   Best site ever
    Reviewer: NEOshawnGEO on Wednesday February 11 2004
Gameaddiction is the best site there is. They got the best customer service. Answers my emails in no time. Very trustworthy and sells games brand new and even factory sealed sometimes. This is without a doubt the best Neo Geo retailer on the web. Don't hesitate to buy from!!!!!

5 stars   Great Store, Great Prices.
    Reviewer: Peter Montoulieu on Saturday March 20 2004
This site is great I bought Albert Oddysey for 30 bucks in Mint condition. Arrived right on time and I am extremely happy with everything. This game is so freakin addictive.
Thanks Game Addiction.

5 stars   The best online experience I have ever had
    Reviewer: Prowl on Tuesday July 18 2006
I have bought video games through several online retailers (and sellers on eBay) to try and get rare video games at a reasonable price. Most sellers have one or two positives and a at least a few major negatives involved in dealing with them. Some have great service but bad prices, some vice versa, etc.

This seller has got it all: great service, fair prices, excellent selection across many platforms.

Buy with confidence!

5 stars   Best online retail
    Reviewer: schi0249 on Sunday September 26 2004
Best classic videogame site I've ever done business with. Received order within 3 days.

5 stars   You can't find a better shop!, I dare You!
    Reviewer: Tomas on Tuesday December 21 2004
If you are looking for a hard to find game, they'll get it for you.
Any game you want they find it, it's incredible.
I'm from Mexico and I recover the trust in USA shops after buying in Game Addiction, because I have a very bad experience before buying in Buy Rite.
If you are looking for excellent attention, perfect quality and low cost this is the best shop.
Sorry for the bad orthography.

5 stars   GREAT!!!!!
    Reviewer: zacksbored on Wednesday August 9 2006
game addiction is simply put great items showed up in a timely fashion well wrapped with amazing prices this store is simply the place to go for your classic gaming needs

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