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Reviews and Information about Microplay

Microplay screenshotMicroplay   Rated 3h stars based on 3 reviews   Write a Review

Address: Many stores in Canada, see website for store locator, Canada   Shipping: International
Phone: Many stores in Canada, see website for store locator   Contact: Contact page
Description: NO ONLINE ORDERING IS OFFERED FROM THIS SITE! Microplay is a chain of video game stores in Canada. Their website features new releases and a sparkling design but unfortunately no online ordering.
Sell Games/Systems For: Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Saturn, Sony PSP, Super Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360


User Reviews
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5 stars   The Microplay Experience
    Reviewer: Dan John on Thursday December 18 2003
I always heard good things about these stores, and I was looking for some older Saturn games so I thought I'd give them a try since EB, Best Buy and the other stores don't ever have them.

They have so much older stuff, rentals, cheaper prices than anywhere else, etc...

5 stars   siblings like!!
    Reviewer: eden on Sunday March 25 2007
Microplay is a great store, sells games, consoles, and WEBKINZ! Well at least the one in Charlottetown. Anyway i like games and all that stuff but my hobby right now is webkinz, webkinz, WEBKINZ! of course my brothers like games and that WAY MORE than webkinz, DUH! so they like that store! It's a great store it has great decor, and well i greatly love this store it makes children happy, even younger children!

1 star   Peterborough Microplay a bad experience.
    Reviewer: peter on Sunday December 26 2004
Nov/04 I went to the peterborough store to purchase a copy of Need For Speed Un derground 2 for Playstation 2.After ignoring me for several minutes (even though I was the only customer in the store ) the manager sold me a copy of the required game At this point I did NOT check to see if the game was the correct version.Christmas morning , computor and not PS2. .I returned to the store today,was again ignored by the manager and store clerk. I explained the situation,was told that the game was worth only twelve dollars to wards a new game.They were out stock of the PS2 version(a familiar Microplay response.They offered me eight dollars for the game which has never been played. I took the game,left the store very,very disgusted

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