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Reviews and Information about EBGames (Electronics Boutique)

EBGames (Electronics Boutique) screenshotEBGames (Electronics Boutique)   Rated 3h stars based on 11 reviews   Write a Review

Address: Many stores in USA, see website for store locator, USA   Shipping: International
Phone: 1-877-432-9675   Contact: Contact page
Description: The popular video game store franchise Electronics Boutique also sells games from their website. Their selection includes both new and used games for a large selection of systems.
Sell Games/Systems For: Dreamcast, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, Genesis, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nokia N-Gage, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Super Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360


User Reviews
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5 stars   Great Website!!!
    Reviewer: arealjewell on Tuesday January 4 2005
Super cheap and fast shipping. Easy check out. Web site was easy to use. Have a ton of great games at great prices. We love Mario and EBGames is much cheaper than Ebay.

4 stars   About EBGames
    Reviewer: Brandon Moroney on Monday August 18 2003
EBGames, also known as electronics boutique is commonly found in your major city mall. I have shopped there a few times, and here is what I think. Although EBG has a great selection of games and accessories, their prices are extremely expensive; especially when compared to other consumers like Best Buy and Game X-Change. On their website, they make it very simple to order a games and have it shipped to your location without a lot of hassle. Customer service is very friendly and very helpful.

2 stars   EBgame sucks
    Reviewer: Bushqibob on Tuesday March 21 2006
My brother Jared purchased a wi-fi adapter by them to give to me and he chose to do 24 hour shipping and EBgames said that they would ship it to my house on the 17th and when the 17th came there was no adapter than thay said it will come on the 21st no adapter now they\'re saying it won\'t ship until the 23rd

4 stars   Good mail order service, poor QC on discs
    Reviewer: Drummer808 on Friday July 30 2004
I have ordered from EB games many times. The games are shipped quickly and I have never recieved a wrong game. Eb games has a pretty big selection too.
The downfall of EB games though is that games that are not in stock are still listed on the site. Not to mention there is no real customer service at the stores. Last two CD games I purchased there didn't work. The store didn't have a second copy of either of these games, so instead of giving me my money back they insisted I take store credit.

4 stars   Reliable and good customer service
    Reviewer: FM on Tuesday March 22 2005
This shop is reliable and offers sometimes impressive bargains on new items. The customer service is good (they reply kindly, quickly and accurately to the e-mails) and the shipping is remarkably fast. BUT:
- it's too bad that they only sell used cartridges (Genesis particularly) without their package and instruction manuals, and that the boxes of the CD games are not always genuine (however, they mention it clearly on their web site so that's only a matter of "you agree or not": they're not to be blamed for that).
- they ship internationally only by UPS: it is REALLY a deterrent factor for me (I've only had bad experiences with UPS) but, if UPS is no problem for you, you won't be disappointed by this shop...

5 stars   Thank God For This Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Joey_Coco on Wednesday June 29 2005
I haven't used customer service yet, I didn't have to. When I ordered from them my items arrived in perfect condition and so fast that I had to check my invoice to see if I was charged for standard or express shipping. I'm sticking with EBGames. They have good prices and a great stock of games.

5 stars   Superb online store
    Reviewer: Lampeft on Thursday March 11 2004
I've been patronizing for a few years now, and I have never had less than a positive experience with them. Theire prices are *not* bad. In fact, I've found them to be in step with other prices from other sites. Oh sure, you may find a game for a nickel less at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, but that's no big deal. Additionally, runs specials and has pre-order premiums very, very often. Plus, they sometimes have rare stuff I cannot find anywhere else. So, I'll continue to be a loyal shopper at Highly recommended.

1 star   absolutly no customer service
    Reviewer: Micetro on Sunday June 12 2005
My experience with eb has been terrible!! everytime i go to an eb i get treated like i am not welcome. I used to be a loyal costumer to eb, but since i bought my xbox at eb I have had the worst time trading stuff in and generally not being treated like a valued costuner...I THINK EB IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO BUY GAMES AND NEVER SHOP THERE

1 star   The worst service on the net. Something smells bad.
    Reviewer: Panceta Fork on Tuesday November 8 2005
Customer service is terrible do they even know what a customer is?

Their shipping promise of 24h is a laugh, took almost 3/4 of a month to understand that they donīt have a sense of how time passes us by. If I had wanted a game from them I would have to ask for it at least two years in advance.

5 stars   Great site
    Reviewer: The Arabian Knight on Saturday December 24 2005
This is a great place to order from, the only bad thing that they don't have classic games such as 3do and sega cd.

5 stars   BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: The Kid on Thursday July 14 2005
This site is the best it offers the greatest deals and also it has almost every game you want.

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